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Motivation Speaker Motivation Speaker
Motivation Speaker

Vincent T. Edwards delivers memorable, energetic, and captivating customized presentations and professional keynotes that provide tools for growth and development for audiences of all ages. [ READ MORE ]

Radio Talk Show Host Radio Talk Show Host
Radio Talk Show Host

What Matters Most To You began airing in January of 2002. Hosted by Vincent T. Edwards “Mr. Speaker” this Radio Talk Show serves to Educate, Stimulate, and Rejuvenate the minds of individuals. [ READ MORE ]

"Mr. Speaker" Speaks "Mr. Speaker" Speaks
"Mr. Speaker" Speaks

“Mr. Speaker” Speaks is a program designed to inspire and motivate you to reach your potential and to fulfill your purpose with passion. Watch, listen and learn as Mr. Speaker interviews guests, and provides personal and professional developmental tools, tips, and techniques to help you succeed. [ READ MORE ]

Comments & Feedback

From Satisfied Clients

Thank you for offering the invocation at the January 30, 2007 meeting of the Governor and Cabinet. Please accept my gratitude and appreciation for your spiritual leadership and service to your community and to the State of Florida.

Charlie Crist
Charlie Crist

Former Governor, State of Florida


His talk was a very practical and accessible one that focused on how individuals-in this case, my CARE freshmen composition students-can rise above the level of mediocrity in their personal, academic, and professional lives. Through the use of a three-stage process, involving a concentration on purpose, plan, and performance, Mr. Edwards offered timely and invaluable advice on a range of matters: overcoming procrastination; making wise decisions, conquering the fear of public speaking; succeeding in the business realm; and displaying confidence in social situations.

Dr. Maxine L. Montgomery
Dr. Maxine L. Montgomery

Associate Professor,  Florida State University


I have had the distinguished opportunity to hear him speak at Saint Mary Primitive Baptist Church, where I serve as Pastor and he has delivered at least seven motivational presentations for the Tallahassee Urban League where I serve as president and chief executive officer. Mr. Edwards speaks truth and from the heart to youth and adults. I believe any organization would benefit greatly from hearing the messages that he delivers. I highly recommend Vincent T. Edwards “Mr. Speaker”.

Ernest Ferrell
Ernest Ferrell

President and CEO, Tallahassee Urban League, Inc.


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