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Vincent “Mr. Speaker” Edwards was a college dropout, diagnosed with cancer and faced dealing with the mental and physical anguish of serving in the Army during the Gulf War. But, Edwards was determined not to fall victim to his circumstances. He decided that no matter what he faced in life he would make every effort to rise above mediocrity and realize the magnificent purpose he was destined to fulfill.

For Edwards, this vow was inspired by watching his mother endure many trials and tribulations as a child. No matter how hard life got, she never gave up; no matter how frequent the tears, she never quit.

The tenacity of his mother, along with motivation from people he met along the way, encouraged Edwards to return to college, receive a degree in management and become the CEO and founder of Blessed Enterprise. It gave him the faith to fight cancer and the will power to heal from the distress many veterans face after returning home from war. Most of all, it gave him the inclination to share his journey with others, motivating them to overcome their personal obstacles and become purpose driven. As a result, “Mr. Speaker” was born.

John Maxwell Certified Member logo“Mr. Speaker” is a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, radio talk show host (WTAL 1450), columnist (The Capital Outlook), author (“Acquiring Your Dreams” audio book) and ordained minister.

For the last 18 years “Mr. Speaker” has impacted thousands of students, professionals and members of the general public with such motivational topics as “Purpose, Plan & Performance,” “Out In Front,” and “True Success.” Overcoming procrastination, making wise decisions, conquering fear, succeeding in business, and self-confidence are just a sample of the subjects “Mr. Speaker” covers during his presentations.

From athletic teams and promising student leaders to department store employees and law enforcement officers, “Mr. Speaker” has been called upon for his personal and interactive approach, as well as his ability to take his own life experiences and catapult them into stepping stones toward success for his audiences.

“Mr. Speaker’s” previous clients include: Florida State University, Florida A&M University, ITT Technical Institute, Wal-Mart, Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, Sakkara Youth Institute, The Boys and Girls Club of America, Jack & Jill of America, Inc., The Tallahassee Urban League, The United Way, The Florida Association of Management Executives and The American Business Women’s Association.

“Within a seventy-five minute class period he succeeded at energizing, inspiring and challenging my students in a manner that was nothing short of phenomenal. His talk was very practical and accessible, one that focused on how individuals can rise above the level of mediocrity in their personal, academic and professional lives,” said Florida State University professor Maxine Montgomery attesting to “Mr. Speaker’s” innovative approach.

In addition to holding a business degree from Florida State University, Vincent “Mr. Speaker” Edwards brings to each speaking engagement an arsenal of professional expertise, which includes management, administrative, consultancy and analytical roles with the Marriott Corporation, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation and the Florida Department of Labor and Employment Security.

Edwards familyEdwards, a native of Pompano Beach, Florida, resides in Tallahassee and is a devoted father and husband to his wife, April and son, Isaiah.

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