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Mr. Speaker Speaks: Articles That Ignite Motivation

In 17 short, thought-provoking articles, Vincent provides keys to help motivate you to grow and reach your full potential. He shares his knowledge and experience in areas like: self-discovery, success, and the power of relationships so you can learn, take action, and move from mediocre to magnificent.

Better known as “Mr. Speaker,” Vincent has spoken to people all over the country with his motivational messages. Now you can have the keys to his success at your fingertips, and make it your success, too!

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Mr. Speaker Speaks: Articles That Ignite Motivation

Success Is All About Purpose, Planning, and Performing Focus on the Fundamentals, Fight, have Fun and Finish”

– Vincent T. Edwards

Acquiring Your Dreams

Inspiration and Motivation To Help You Succeed
keys to motivation

Purchase Your MP3 Copy of “Acquiring Your Dreams” Today.

We all have dreams but many dreams go unfulfilled. This dynamic CD reveals and unveils what it takes to be successful and to acquire your dreams.

You will learn:

  • That It Begins With I
  • The 3 P’s (Purpose, Plan and Perform)
  • The Meaning and Importance of R.A.M.
  • The S.W.E.A.T. of Success
  • What Successful People Do

“Mr. Speaker” on Demand

Pivot into Your Purpose with Power and Precision
Mr. Speaker on Demand

Join this exclusive community and receive instruction and insight that will have you Pivot into Your Purpose with Power and Precision. You will benefit from the guidance of Mr. Speaker, a dynamic communicator & US Army Veteran who has over 18 years in public speaking and training & development. Let him help you Move from the “Mediocre” to the “Magnificent” with Mr. Speaker’s Success Sessions.

Mr Speaker Speaks podcast

Mr. Speaker Speaks Podcast

Mr. Speaker Speaks is the podcast that informs, challenges, and inspires. Hosted by Vincent T. Edwards, the show features engaging and spirited conversations with a variety of guests that share moments and topics that inspired them. This podcast is real talk from real people about real things.

We all need insight, inspiration, and motivation at some point to navigate life and be successful. Vincent T. Edwards “Mr. Speaker” interviews people from all walks of life, backgrounds and professions who provide that by sharing their stories and experiences.

Vincent’s unique approach to asking questions compels his guests to share powerful insights and information that if used could potentially be life changing.

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